Friday, May 10, 2013


JAMES MATLACK, ESQ.  b. January 11, 1775, Woodbury, NJ, J d. January 16, 1840 Woodbury, NJ.  Society of Friends, Lawyer,  Representative from NJ, 1821-1825,  Judge of Common Pleas.
James Matlack lived at 130 South Broad Street, Woodbury, NJ.  The house was built and occupied by John Cooper, member of the Continental Congress, and Judge of the County Court.  The house was used as headquarters by Lord Cornwallis during the three days he was in Woodbury.   John Cooper was James Matlack's ancestor.   James Matlack married Elizabeth Kennedy b. 1782 in  Dunure, Ireland (daughter of Robert Kennedy of Ayr and Galloway).  Their children were Hannah Cooke Matlack (Scovel)*  and Robert Kennedy Matlack.  Elizabeth Kennedy (Matlack) died of typhus in 1814  and James Matlack married her younger sister, Keturah Kennedy b. 1792, d. June 15, 1829.
They had one child, Elizabeth Hendry Matlack (Browning), who later married Abraham Browning, Esq. "New Jersey is the Garden State".  James Matlack died in 1840 and is buried in Eglington Cemetery, Clarksboro, NJ.

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